Hey, How Are You?

Year: 2021

By Weimin Lai

Material :

Location : Lower Seletar Reservoir Park & Luxus Hill Park

Duration : Temporary

Collection : Public Art Trust

Hey, How Are You? is a typographic work that plays on the fundamental greeting of asking well. Beyond a perfunctory conversation opener, what happens when we use it with genuine intentions to listen and connect?

A simple question paves the way for a deeper connection that enlightens and uplifts. Words are powerful and a force to be used constructively. They help to spell out emotional complexities, bringing about clarity and relief.

Accompanied with thematic works written by local writer Yasira Yusoff, the work hopes to serve as a reminder to reach out and embrace our shared humanity.

The work is commissioned by the National Art Council’s Public Art Trust as part of “Rewritten: The World Ahead of Us”. Check out different renditions of the work at Luxus Hill Park and Lower Seletar Reservoir Park!


Lower Seletar Reservoir Park & Luxus Hill Park

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