It Takes Time

Year: 2021

By Adeline Loo and Cheong Yew Mun

Material : Treated acrylic string on aluminum frame

Location : Sengkang Riverside Park

Duration : Temporary

Collection : Public Art Trust

When you change the way you look at things, 
the things you look at change

At the height of the global pandemic, two of the most frequently mentioned words were ‘anxiety’ and ‘courage’.

Drawing reference from this litmus test of the global emotional landscape, Anamorphic Vibes is a visual actualisation of the need for a perspective shift in times of  crisis. As viewers walk around the artwork, the artwork reveals the words ‘anxiety’ and ‘courage’’ from different angles, posing a timely reminder of how there will always be light in darkness, opportunities in setbacks.

Upon closer observation, one sees that the artwork is constituted by networks of multi-hued threads intricately strung together by hand — alluding to our shared vulnerabilities and interconnectedness, as well as the need to garner strength and walk on together.

The work is commissioned by the National Art Council’s Public Art Trust as part of “Rewritten: The World Ahead of Us”.


Sengkang Riverside Park

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The Time Tree

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