The Conch

Year: 2010


Material : Stainless steel

Location : Mapletree Business City

Duration : Permanent

Collection : Mapletree

Dimensions : 52m x 11.3m x 5m (88 stems, between 2.2 - 7.2m in height)

Located in Mapletree Business City’s open plaza, The Conch is a large outdoor sculpture comprising 88 stems of elegant, trumpet-like sprouting forms that collectively form a wave-like sea of bells reminiscent of corals. One can imagine walking beneath the sculpture as though it were the canopy of a lush forest. Viewed from the office floors above, it appears as a singular organic shape, its multiplicity of parts playing out like the twirling polyps of a rich coral island.


The artwork draws inspiration from the idea of chancing upon a conch during a stroll along the beach and holding it to one’s ears to listen to the sounds of the sea. A poetic wind instrument, The Conch has stalks that are dotted with funnels where people can put their ears to and listen to the wind. 


Mapletree Business City

10 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 117438

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10 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 117438

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