The Meeting

Year: 2014

By Etienne

Material : Bronze with patina

Location : CapitaGreen

Duration : Permanent

Collection : CapitaLand Limited

Dimensions : 3.5m x 2.4m x 1.28m

Originally titled La Rencontre in French, The Meeting is a sculpture depicting conversations, sharing and exchange among neighbours, friends or even strangers. The three figures, linked by one unique body in the artist’s signature style of incomplete anatomic parts, express the importance of human relationship built though constructive meetings. A flight of birds cutting across the composition symbolises the beauty and liberty of their thoughts.

Etienne wrote: “Today, the entire world meets. Countries share ideas and mutual aids. Hope cannot exist without constructive meetings, which contemplate the future of the people and happiness for all, in peace."

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Image courtesy of CapitaLand Limited



138 Market St, Singapore 048946

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138 Market St, Singapore 048946

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