The Loudspeaker

Year: 2013

By Dirk De Keyzer

Material : Bronze

Location : Westgate Mall, Level 1

Duration : Permanent

Collection : CapitaLand Limited

Dimensions : 2.2m x 0.6m x 0.5m

Originally titled in French as Le Haut Parleur, this piece by Belgium artist Dirk De Keyzer is one of three works located in the courtyards of Westgate. Capturing and reinterpreting snapshots of our everyday life, De Keyzer’s art is characterised by a subtle humour that makes us smile. This is, in part, achieved by distorting and exaggerating the human figures such that they take on the feel of caricatures. Here, a man with exaggerated facial features stands on top of a ladder, speaking through a big loudspeaker. How often do we want to make ourselves heard? And what do we want to convey?

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Image courtesy of CapitaLand Limited


Westgate Mall, Level 1

3 Gateway Dr, Singapore 608532

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The Tightrope Walker

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3 Gateway Dr, Singapore 608532

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