Sonic Pathway

Year: 2017

By Zulkifle Mahmod

Material : Copper pipes, 512 solenoids, microcontrollers, speakers

Location : Mapletree Business City II

Duration : Permanent

Collection : Mapletree

Dimensions : 10(L) x 2.5(W) m; 9(L) x 4.5(W) m; 9(L) x 4.5(W) m

Sonic Pathway engages sound as a medium for representing urban conditions in flux. The installation consists of copper pipes and an orchestration of sound made by more than 500 pieces of solenoids (electromagnets that generate a controlled magnetic field) hitting on the pipes. Accompanied by ambient sound recorded and remixed by the artist, the resulting composition corresponds to the acoustic of the pathway, travelling from one end to the other. A kind of anonymity reverberates through the piece – it is a borderless territory designed for listening. Bodies and movements along the pathway intervenes the aural architecture, becoming both the transmitter and transmitted, creating a dialogue with the space. The passage becomes live and interactive. 


Mapletree Business City II

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