Mycelium Network III

Year: 2019

By Joey.Spl

Material : Mixed media

Location : Our Tampines Hub

Duration : Temporary

Collection : Public Art Trust

Dimensions : 6m (L) x 3m (W) x 0.05m (H)

Step on different parts of the network simultaneously. What do you see? 

城市梦 - Mycelium Network III is an interactive light exploration modelled after networks of fungal threads called mycelia, which can grow to large sizes underground and help to enrich soil. Each strand in the artwork is made of LED lights that can be triggered by touch sensors. 

Left untouched, the artwork simply shimmers. To illuminate it more fully, several parts of the network must be activated at the same time. Like a campfire, this artwork encourages people to engage with one another and create something beautiful through collective effort. Gather your friends, family or even strangers to light up the whole network! 


Our Tampines Hub

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