Man on the Bench

Year: 2010

By Kurt Laurenz Metzler

Material : Bronze

Location : Capital Tower

Duration : Permanent

Collection : CapitaLand Limited

Dimensions : 1.5m x 2.75m x 1.5m

Man on the Bench invites the passersby to sit on the bench and share a happy moment with him. He is a ‘cartoonish’ person with a small head, big body and very large feet. Somewhat overdressed, he seems to be taking a break from his busy schedule to sit on the bench and read a book.

The work is deliberately placed near a taxi stand, inviting us to also take a break while waiting for the taxi. Notice the small people and buildings decorating the arm and back of the bench – a mark of Metzler’s attention to details.

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Image courtesy of CapitaLand Limited


Capital Tower

168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912

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168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912

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