From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Year: 2010

By Jane Cowie

Material : Kiln formed glass and stainless steel

Location : 10 Mapletree Business City

Duration : Permanent

Collection : Mapletree

Dimensions : Wall installation: 17m (L) x 6m (H). Pond installation: 7m (W) x 13.7m (L).

Located at the basement car park of Mapletree Business City (MBC), From Little Things, Big Things Grow is a glass and metal wall piece of a maple tree complete with falling leaves and a reflective pond. The maple leaf motif symbolises growth, longevity and renewal. Every year according to season, the maple foliage changes from green in spring and summer to orange, red and brown during autumn and winter. This artwork thus reminds one of nature’s seasons and effuses a bursting vitality of life.

The colourful maple leaves appear small when they are nearer to the tree base, and seem to grow larger when further away. This interesting perspective resonates with Mapletree’s own growth from a Singapore-based company to a leading real estate player.


10 Mapletree Business City

10 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 117438

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10 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 117438

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