Elliptical Pavillion

Year: 2017

By Dan Graham

Material : Two-way-mirror glass, stainless steel

Location : Mapletree Business City II

Duration : Permanent

Collection : Mapletree

Dimensions : 5.73(L) x 6.65(W) x 2.4(H) m

Elliptical Pavillion explores the relationship between artwork, viewer, and landscape. The two-way- mirror glass surface, a material which, relative to sunlight, is simultaneously reflective and transparent, superimposes images of the spectators and the landscape onto each other. The images merge and a “mirage” of overlapping bodies and landscape is created, making the pavilion both a device for a shared perceptual experience as well as a “fun-house.” Dan Graham’s glass and mirrored pavilions are instruments of reflection, both visual and cognitive, and highlight keen observations of elements of design in the built world. Poised between sculpture and architecture, the pavilions draw attention to buildings as instruments of expression, psychological strongholds, markers of social change, and prisms through which we view others and ourselves. 


Mapletree Business City II

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