Crossing Shores

Year: 2019

By Speak Cryptic

Material : Fibreglass

Location : Siglap Canal, East Coast Park

Duration : Temporary

Collection : Public Art Trust

Crossing Shores pays homage to the diversity of early migrants who crossed Singapore's shores in search of better futures, and eventually settled to build a new life and home together. 


Multiple faces of different ethnicities and origins are clustered together to form a single figure, emerging from the water and bound for land. Collectively, they suggest an unending quest for prosperity and journeys from afar. The figue is clad in a garment fashioned after the clothes of indigenous people from the Malay Archipelago, the region in which Singapore - or Tumasik - was part of becoming a Crown Colony under the British empire. 


Upon closer examination, the sea of faces, rendered in the artist's evocative monochromatic illustrative style, are contemporary - speaking to the constant drift of migration we continue to experience till today. 


The work is a commission by the National Arts Council's Public Art Trust in commemoration of the Singapore Bicentennial in 2019. 


Siglap Canal, East Coast Park

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