Cloud Nine: Raining

Year: 2015

By Tan Wee Lit

Material : Perforated Stainless Steel, Glass Reinforced Polyurethane

Location : Singapore River (Waterfront steps, Queen Elizabeth Walk)

Duration : Temporary

Collection : Public Art Trust

Dimensions : 5.5 m x 2.8 m x 7 m

Cloud Nine: Raining is a contemporary artwork that appears to be floating above the water – defying gravity just as how Singapore has overcome its challenges over the years. The title reads like an oxymoron referencing both the sense of jubilation of being on Cloud Nine, and an ominous forecast of rain. At the same time, the rainfall here symbolises Singapore's drive toward self-sustenance in water resources and constant self-renewal. Just as the nearby Victorian cast iron Tan Kim Seng Fountain celebrates the development of piped water to the town area, this ‘raining’ cloud sculpture is a visual celebration of Singapore’s progress towards a more secure future through water self-sufficiency.

The artwork was installed as part of the Jubilee Walk SG50 celebrations on 28 November 2015. However, the artwork was damaged by inclement weather. This affected the artwork’s functionality which was assessed to be beyond repair. As such, the artwork was permanently removed on 11 May 2017 in consideration of the safety of other reservoir users.
This artwork was made possible with sponsorship from Marina Bay Sands Singapore.



Singapore River (Waterfront steps, Queen Elizabeth Walk)

Connaught Drive, Singapore 179682

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