Big Dream No. 4

Year: 2011

By Gao Xiaowu

Material : Stainless steel

Location : Capital Tower

Duration : Permanent

Collection : CapitaLand Limited

Dimensions : 1.82m x 2.38m x 2.51m

From afar this sculpture looks like a balloon-shaped baby with a broad grin, but on closer examination it is an adult male dressed in suit and tie. The person is flying but he has only a pair of tiny wings. How far will he go? Gao uses this artwork to spur us to think about the many big dreams of city folks and the realisation of these dreams. Viewers and their dreams are reflected in the highly polished body of the work.

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Image courtesy of CapitaLand Limited


Capital Tower

168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912

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168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912

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