Artificial Rock #71 and #86

Year: 2010

By Zhan Wang

Material : Stainless steel

Location : Marina Bay Sands, Lions Bridge

Duration : Permanent

Collection : Marina Bay Sands

Dimensions : 1.6m x 1.9m x 1.0m / 2.3m x 1.8m x 0.8m

Artificial Rock #71 and #86 are abstract sculptures inspired by The Scholar’s Rock, which has for generations been held in high regard in China for its complexity and beauty. However, Zhan’s Artificial Rocks are highly reflective, allowing them to capture the rapid changes of their contemporary surroundings. Zhan’s mirror-like abstract rocks are not detached from the greenery, places of quiet contemplation, and modern buildings that surround them. In fact, their reflective surfaces embody the ever-changing views and developments around them.

Image credit: Marina Bay Sands


Marina Bay Sands, Lions Bridge

10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

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20 Tonnes

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