All the Essentially Essential

Year: 2013

By Tan Wee Lit

Material : Stainless Steel

Location : One Raffles Place (Outside of Raffles Place MRT station)

Duration : Permanent

Collection : City Developments Limited (CDL)

Dimensions : 0.6m x 0.31m x 0.3m

The extensive array of items on the giant toy kit that appears fresh from a box represents a spectrum of essential items (or components of these items) for work and play. From the keyboard to the briefcase to the wheels of a bicycle to the gym bag to the baby stroller – and even the pet dog – these are definitive items that reflect the work hard-play hard environment of Singapore where we want to do everything, or try to find time to do everything.

The deliberate exclusion of the human element from the entire kit set reminds one that the fabric of life is never complete without the most important thing: people, and the spirit and aspirations that they embody. Occurences are eventfully decided by the company it occurs in.

Specific to the site, the work sets itself as a playfully interactive piece that will lend itself as a popular photography and meeting spot amidst the buzz of the 24/7 city, where business executives and leisure tourists alike can step into the sculpture—to be the final piece of the jigsaw needed to complete the entire composition.

Image credit: City Developments Limited


One Raffles Place (Outside of Raffles Place MRT station)

5 Raffles Place, Singapore 048618

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