Year: 2018

By Lai Wei Min

Material : Wood, steel structure, convex road mirrors, and paint

Location : Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Duration : Temporary

Collection : Public Art Trust

Dimensions : 2.8m x 5m x 4m

Take a look in the rotating mirrors. Walk around the colourful blocks. What do you see?
Inspired by the iconic bridges that gave Ang Mo Kio town its name, the unusual structure invites park-goers to re-examine the everyday, familiar sights through exploration and play. Ahoy-hoy! is a cheerful greeting that invites people to take a closer look at their surroundings and discover something unexpected.
Ahoy-hoy! is part of Stop and Smell the Ang Mo Dan, a series of public artworks commissioned by the Public Art Trust that invite audiences to slow down and remember the history of Ang Mo Kio while taking a new look at the neighbourhood. These fun and interactive sculptures invite residents and visitors to re-imagine everyday spaces around the neighbourhood and celebrate life in community. 

Ahoy-hoy! was on display from 8 to 25 March 2018. 


Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

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