"Rewritten: The World Ahead of Us" Public Art Commissions

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A brand new commission by the Public Art Trust and its most ambitious ever, Rewritten presents 14 text-based public artworks by Singapore artists, some of which are inspired by local writers and literary works, contemplating the multitude of changes - from the minute to the tremendous - experienced in our daily lives since the onset of COVID-19. Distributed across eight parks spanning east to west, the artworks resemble visual poetry unfurling across the island, awaiting discovery.

In a world fraught with endless chatter and noise, silence has conventionally been viewed as an unwanted affliction, a harbinger of something ominous to come. Many have been disconcerted by how the recent COVID-19 global pandemic has forcefully ushered in a hushed silence upon our urban cityscapes. Once bustling public spaces and squares ring a deafening silence, and people retreat into the isolation of their living spaces with social distancing measures in place.

Yet, this rare moment of silence presents an opportunity for our attention to focus inward, connecting us to our senses, body, and mind. Discover how our artists reflected on and imagined a post-pandemic future through their creative expressions of hope and resilience.

Upcoming Public Programmes (April and May)

Sunset Walk with Art and Nature
Embark on a leisurely stroll through Jurong Lake Gardens to explore various flora and fauna and gain more insights into two new public artworks nestled within the greenery, by hearing from the artists Robert Zhao and Ang Song Nian themselves. Limited capacity, kindly register for a session below:

Sat 24 Apr, 5pm-6pm
Sat 24 Apr, 6pm-7pm
Sat 22 May, 5pm-6pm
Sat 22 May, 6pm-7pm

Jurong Lake Gardens
1. It Takes Time by Robert Zhao Renhui
2. When a Tree Becomes a Forest by Ang Song Nian

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

3. This Time by Perception3
4. [ ] with Dual Possibilities by Vertical Submarine
5. Hello Stranger by Dawn Ng

Luxus Hills Park and Lower Seletar Park

6. Hey, How are You? by Weimin Lai

Ang Mo Kio Linear Park

7. BOND by Jerome Ng and Zed Haan

Sengkang Riverside Park

8. Anamorphic Vibes by Adeline Loo and Cheong Yew Mun
9. Every Seed Carries Within It The Dream And the Blueprint Of The Whole by Hunny and Lummy

Punggol Waterway Park

10. Distance Will Bring Me Closer To You by Hanson Ho
11. 間 (Jian) by Chery Chiw
12. Still Travelling by Laniakea Culture Collective
13. Temporary Escapism by Sam Lo


Lorong Halus Bridge
14. YELLOW by James Tan and Petrina Dawn Tan