Placing Home: Woodlands

Placing Home: Woodlands

Various locations in Woodlands

8 November 2018 - 27 January 2019

Placing Home: Woodlands is a public art project that explores ideas of home and movement within Woodlands. Writer Pico Iyer once remarked that “movement is a fantastic privilege, [but] only has a meaning if you have a home to go back to”. What is home, though, if not only a dwelling place? 


While a place is defined by its historical and cultural identity, and a space can emerge when a physical area is imbued with social meanings, home is created when place and space converge. – it is a habitat for humanity associated with a piece of the soul.


To experience home in a public domain is thus a way of encountering spaces in between places. Drawing from this concept, Placing Home: Woodlands presents five artworks in the neighbourhood that invite all to look at our surroundings with fresh eyes and ask questions about the world in which we live. 


Placing Home: Woodlands is curated by Dr. Wang Ruobing. 

A commission by the Public Art Trust as part of Arts in Your Neighbourhood in November 2018.

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Special Programmes:

Workshop: Fun with Bamboo
10 and 11 Nov | 10.30am - 12.30pm | Admiralty Park (Grass lawn at South Entrance) 

Workshop: Building Places Together 
18 and 25 Nov | 2 - 4pm | Void deck of Blk 823 Woodlands St 82

Workshop: Mini Wood Assemblage
24 and 25 Nov | 4 - 6pm | Woodlands Waterfront Park (Grass lawn near carpark) 


Free admission to all programmes. For details and to register, visit: