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How PAT Works

Jelly Baby Family by Mauro Perucchetti


PAT Commissions

As part of PAT's role to proactively develop new public art, the PAT may commission Singapore and/or International artists to create unique public artwork for selected spaces/sites, which have been shortlisted from a repository of public spaces made available for use.

Artists can be commissioned either through:

  • An Open Call;
  • A Closed Call (nomination process);
  • A Direct Commission (existing proposals from database); or
  • A Direct Purchase.
24 Hours in Singapore by Baet Yeok Kuan

Public Art Advisory Panel (PAAP)

The PAT is guided by a Public Art Advisory Panel (PAAP) that comprises independent members of the community, as well as professionals from the visual arts, architecture and urban planning sectors. The PAAP will provide recommendations and guidance on NAC’s public art strategies, plans, programmes to ensure best practices in commissioning and managing public art.


The Public Art Advisory Panel (PAAP) members:

  • Mr Paul Tan, Deputy CEO, National Arts Council (Chair)
  • Mrs Mae Anderson, Chairman, Art Outreach Singapore
  • Ms Janice Koh, Stage and television actress, and former Nominated Member of Parliament
  • Mr Jason Chen, Director, Place Management, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
  • Ms Sushma Goh, Director, Architecture, Infrastructure Design and Engineering Group, Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  • Mr Randy Chan, Principal, Zarch Collaboratives
  • Mr Teh Joo Heng, Principal, Teh Joo Heng Architects
  • Mr Low Sze Wee, CEO, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre