Jelly Baby Family by Mauro Perucchetti

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Country : Italy


Mauro Perucchetti (b. 1949) was an actor, movie producer, owner of an architectural/interior design company before becoming a full-time artist. His work is rooted in the lineage of Pop art, and possesses an ironic wit that is typical of a certain kind of Italian sensibility. One of his key symbols is the Jelly Baby, a simple human form which represents for him the transience and disposability of contemporary consumer society. Perucchetti has also experimented with and perfected the formulation of polyurethane resin, and has worked with unique materials such as Swarowski crystals, which surprisingly contain glowing transparent resin. He has also politicized his brand of Pop art and use of materials by rendering controversial symbols such as AK47 rifles and body parts in resin. For Perucchetti, these juxtapositions are not farfetched, as he believes that Pop art should not be detached from social issues.

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