Laniakea Culture Collective

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Founded in 2014, the Laniakea Culture Collective is an interdisciplinary, intercultural art practice based in Singapore and Kaua’i. It is led by husband-and-wife team Aaron Lee and Namiko Chan Takahashi, whose lives have been profoundly shaped by years of practicing art and Aloha. Namiko is a contemporary realist painter and Hawaiian dance arts teacher. Aaron is a pilgrim poet, anthologist, ethics lawyer and community organizer. Laniakea is concerned with cultural stewardship, ecopoetics, uplifting communities and the revitalization of endangered cultures in Oceania. Laniakea’s network includes artists, educators, translators, anthropologists and policymakers. These partnerships have produced paintings, books, school talks, festival performances, seminars, public presentations and literally thousands of hours of conversations, dreams and shared meals.

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