Urban People by Kurt Laurenz Metzler

Country : Switzerland


Kurt Laurenz Metzler (b. 1941) is an avant-garde Swiss sculptor who is best known for his public artworks. Early in his artisitic education, Metzler was already experimenting with wood and cardboard, and later went on to incorporate materials such as marble, bronze, iron, and aluminium into his practice. He often finishes his sculptures with a single, bright colour. Metzler's favourite material is aluminium, and he prefers using the traditional bronze cast, although he likes to shape it in an untraditional fashion. His artworks often portray people going about their everyday activities, such as people shopping, going to work, or partaking in recreational activities. These are stories that appear to be representative of daily life and society. As such, Metzler views the city and public spaces, not museums, as natural homes for his sculptures.

Metzler has a sculptor’s diploma from an art school in Zurich. He apprenticed under a car body tinsmith and subsequently a few sculptors before forging his own identity and reputation. Metzler’s sculptures are exhibited in public spaces internationally in countries like Australia, Germany, Italy, United States, and Singapore.

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