The Flight by Etienne

Country : France


Etienne (b. 1952) is a French sculptor who expresses himself simultaneously in figurative and abstract terms. Through his practice, he opens the sculptural mass and seeks an organic balance between fullness and emptiness. The works of Etienne express the strong moments of human, spiritual, or artistic encounters. In each of them, he seeks to attain and represent beauty, a guarantee of the perenniality of the work. His sculptures, built on oppositions, have the particularity of inscribing the moment in the movement. Each work challenges our imagination and our relationship with the founding values ​​of thought. His work is architectured, constructed, composed, luminous, and symbolic.

Etienne has a degree in plastic arts, and has exhibited internationally and is collected by private collectors, institutions, and corporations. He  worked with marble, stone and wood initially, but soon opted for bronze, which he felt allowed him to deal with solids and hollows better.

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