Encapsulation by Brendan Neiland

Website : www.brendanneiland.com/

Country : United Kingdom


Brendan Neiland (b. 1941) is a British artist  known for his interpretations of city life and modern metropolitan existence, specifically his paintings that depict reflections in modern city buildings. Neiland is informed by the practice of photography, the poetics of light, and pictorial structure. He uses a spray-gun technique developed at the Royal College of Art to effectively execute this inspiration. Therefore, his paintings of glass and steel structures typical of corporate architecture are at once intimate and grand.

Neiland attended Birmingham College of Art and Royal College of Art, London. His artworks have been exhibited internationally and collected by individuals, public institutions, and corporations. His fellowships include Fellow of Royal Society of Painters-Printmakers (RE) as well as Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Neiland was appointed Keeper (Director) of The Royal Academy Schools between 1998 and 2004.

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